Alamo Sport Shooting Club


Eric Lamberson, ASSC Match Director / Webmaster

Eric Lamberson is a retired Army Officer and firearms enthusiast with 40+ years of experience in using firearms for hunting, competition, and self-defense.  He is an IDPA Master and has completed certification in Force Science Analysis from the Force Science Institute. Eric is a Texas CHL Instructor, NRA Pistol Instructor, Massad Ayoob Group Staff instructor and teaches basic, intermediate, and advanced levels of the modern technique, low light skills, as well as the Suarez International close range gun fighting and force on force curriculum as an affiliate.

Cell: 210-667-8594


Jamie Foote,
20 years of ASSC

Jamie Began competitive shooting more than two decades ago. Jamie aquired ASSC from founder Greg Ferris in 1993. 20 years of experience has grown Jamie into a master class shooter and he is currently an established shooter in the 3 gun shooting community.



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