Alamo Sport Shooting Club

New Shooters

What to expect..........
Be sure to arrive at Cedar Ridge Range no later than 9:30. There will be a quick inspection of your firearm and gear along with a new shooters orientation. We will go over the rules of the range that will keep us all safe and happy. You may use any caliber handgun (up to .45). It's a good idea to start with a .22, if you have one, to get familiar with the process. What's more is you can start with the gun drawn in a low ready position. Bring about 200 rounds with you to cover those pesky misses!

Quick checklist for you...................
Your weapon of choice and 200 rounds of ammo
.32 caliber and up needs a holster that covers the trigger, no cross draw.
At least 3 mags (autos) or 5 speed loaders (revolvers). More is better.

There will be plenty of seasoned shooters at the match to help you have a great time. STOP THINKING ABOUT IT AND BE THERE !  YOU WILL HAVE A BLAST !!!

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