COVID19 (AKA WUHAN Virus) Social Distancing

 We have many shooters at ASSC matches that may be at higher risk from the COVID virus, so as a courtesy to all, we will encourage the following social distancing procedures for all future matches until this settles down.   

-- Please do not crowd the sign in tables and keep proper 6 feet of separation.  

-- We will to keep the squads as small as possible, generally no more than 10. I will try to accommodate shooters who wish to be on the same squad if possible. I appreciate everybody’s flexibility with this.

-- Only the Shooter and Safety Officer should somewhat close to each other.  Everyone else should maintain the 6 feet of social distancing. 

-- Please do not mingle with the other squads.  Only rotate bays when the next bay is open. I will help inform Bay One when they can rotate. 

-- I will not be providing hand sanitizer—please bring your own (As of May 20, I could not find any to purchase. This may change). You may want to bring gloves to handle common use items. I will provide masks for the Safety Officers and one alternate per squad if they wish to use one.