Information for New Shooters


What to expect..........

New shooters are the life's blood of all shooting sports and we would love to have you come out and join us for a safe, good time. Please see below for useful information for new shooters.

We hold our matches near San Antonio, Texas at:


Cedar Ridge Range

7110 Farm to Market 1863

Bulverde, TX 78163

(830) 980-4424 

Be sure to arrive at Cedar Ridge Range no later than 9:15 to sign in and attend the new shooter’s meeting. We observe IDPA style safety rules and we will go over the rules of the range and how to safely shoot steel targets. 

Ammunition: You will need a maximum of 200 rounds if you are shooting one gun. You may shoot a second gun (for an additional $10.00 entry fee) so the ammunition requirements double for an additional gun.

The match consists of 5 stages of 5 or more targets of various shapes and sizes set at various distances.

Gear requirements are minimal. You must have eye and hearing protection, a pistol or revolver, holster that covers the trigger and at least 3 magazines (depending upon the magazine capacity) for semiauto pistols or 5 speed loaders for revolvers. More is better if you have them.

We encourage novice and / or 22 shooters to attend. 22s do not require a holster (however, please bring it in a case) and will start with the gun drawn in a low ready position. If you are completely new to the shooting sports starting with a .22 rimfire may be a good idea and help you get familiar with the process. We welcome 22 rimfire rifles as well—please bring it in a case.

Pistol Caliber Carbines (9mm, .40 S&W, 45 ACP) welcome also.  Bring it in a case for safe transport between stages.

Equipment Checklist

-- Your firearm of choice and 200 rounds of ammunition

-- A semiautomatic pistol or revolver 

-- A strong-side, belt holster that covers the trigger guard. For safety reasons, we do not allow the use of cross draw holsters, fanny packs, shoulder holsters, or appendix carry for the steel match.

-- At least 3 mags (autos) or 5 speed loaders (revolvers). More is better.

-- If you wish to shoot a Pistol Caliber Carbine, it must be 9mm, .40 S&W, or 45 ACP.  Please bring it in a case for safe transport between stages.

-- Hearing protection

-- Eye protection. If you wear prescription lenses these are normally sufficient. 

-- Bring water or other hydration beverages; while we do provide water it never hurts to bring some more. No alcohol at the range. 

-- Sunscreen and a hat with a brim

Please note that the above list is just the essentials. You may bring additional items such as a range bag, extra magazines, or a folding chair if you wish.

Come on out and shoot!

There will be plenty of seasoned shooters at the match to help you have a great time. If you have any questions about the suitability of your firearm, please contact us—we’ll happily answer any questions.